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Business Description

A start-up that focuses on buying foreclosures in the New York area. For the purpose of repairing the property solely for the purpose of selling or leasing it to a prospective customer. In addition, I the owner is a 56-year-old African-American man with multiple sclerosis, who refuse to allow my disability to stop me. My website is focused on attracting general contractors with seasonal residential and commercial construction experience. Hire a man or a woman to do this job. A person who can control the work site efficiently from beginning to end with a trustworthy nature that I the owner can count on to get the work accomplished. Being a minority business owner in America, it would be extremely lucky from my perspective to hire a minority for this position. For the most part, I am requesting this grant for corporate name awareness, recognition and acknowledgment. Furthermore, the grand prize is a few pennies on the dollar, but to be honest, that’s still a blessing. My objective for 2021 is to have success and I am more determined today.


Contact Person

Francisco Alphanson Brathwaite Jr.


244 Madison Ave. Front 1 #1257, 10016

New York, New York


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