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Our Mission at 1st Priority Search & Recovery

10076 County Rd, 311 Plantersville Texas 7736

1st Priority Search & Recovery is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization

And is recognized by the IRS as a Public Charity

1st Priority Search & Recovery was established to help find missing

and abducted children and adults. Or those who maybe caught up in Human Trafficking.

              We help parents search for their runaway children because they are in harm’s way when they are on the streets.

1st Priority’s only goals and incentives are to find missing persons…. and bring them home.

 We are available 24 hours a day and can be reached at: 

 (979) 402-6020 or (979) 645-1177 or (832) 807-9421

1st Priority Search & Recovery is a Texas based, non-profit organization that searches for missing or abducted persons. Our team is made up of dedicated volunteers who assist law enforcement agencies, families and friends in locating and recovering the missing. Although missing children are our highest priority, we also search for missing adults that are mentally challenged, Alzheimer’s patients or those persons that have disappeared under suspicious circumstances. The very epidemic of Human Trafficking is a very lucrative industry and we are on the front line when it comes to helping families of any missing person.

We respond to calls where a person is missing or has disappeared regardless of their age, sex, race, religious beliefs, or social status.

1st Priority Search & Recovery is also an important and useful resource for law enforcement agencies because while our volunteers are searching for the missing person, law enforcement can concentrate on their own investigations.

1st Priority Search & Recovery does not charge any fees for our service, and has resources for the use of search canines, but we do ACCEPT DONATIONS.

If you would like more information you can contact us at the numbers listed above, by e-mail or visit our website, you can find us on FACEBOOK.

All information concerning any part of 1st Priority Search & Recovery is strictly confidential and any unauthorized disclosure of any information to any outside source is forbidden.  

Bringing Families back together is our 1st Priority            

   © 2003- 2021 1st Priority SEARCH & RECOVERY INC

Contact Person

Angel Seguin Garcia


10076 County Rd 311, 77363

Plantersville, Texas


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