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Business Description

Rebekah, who goes by Beka, has been a pro waxer and skin therapist since 2010. She helps people remove unwanted hair, acne, discoloration, and ingrowns on the face and body through facials, chemical peels, and waxing. Her salon is called 3BWaxing in Anaheim, CA. She has her own product line, which is my exfoliating pads that have been sold in the US, UK, AE, Netherlands, and Canada. She opened 3BWaxing in 2017 and has been able to help over 2000 people with their skin and help other estheticians with their practice.

“My love for beauty began while in high school when I would create my own beauty products such as facial masks, face scrubs at home. Also I would wax myself at home as I was very hairy. I remember staying up all night as I created these products. During my years in high school, there was an esthetician program which I could apply to get my license by the time I graduated as I had a desire to open up my own salon one day. After High School, I enrolled in a degree program at the University of Arizona where I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an Accounting focus. It was during this time that I truly began to love waxing and how it would boost the self-confidence of people when I helped them with their skin. I found my niche in helping people with in-grown bumps which made them move from feeling insecure to confident.

After university, I worked in the corporate world as I provided waxing services on the side. In 2015, this love for providing these services to people moved me to leave the corporate world and enter into skincare full-time. I then moved to California in 2016 and then finally opened up 3BWaxing in 2017. I worked for other salons for some time and soon decided that it was time to take the leap of faith and begin my own business. This would help me to have more flexibility instead of being confined to the protocols of another company. I wanted that sense of autonomy to be able to vacation whenever I desired as well. This leap of faith would also give me the privilege of being invested in my clients’ journey which would give me a greater chance to help them experience the best results.”



You can find Beka on Instagram @3bwaxing where she gives free wax, skin, and business tips. To check out her products and book a service, you can click the link below.