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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


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L’Vonne McMillan is the founder and CEO of Advocate for Me, LLC. Advocate for Me specializes in working with families of children with special needs, which include educational, social, emotional and health care needs. As a parent of a child who was born prematurely with special health care needs, this cause is very dear to her heart.

L’Vonne McMillan is also a published author and in January of 2019 published her first children’s book titled “What About Me?” This book describes the challenges of a child, from a child’s point of view, to address the importance of inclusion and the importance of incorporating of early childhood intervention strategies.


Advocate For Me, LLC a Philadelphia based organization that was established to offer trainings to families and childhood service providers to empower them with information, advocacy skills and resources that will enhance the quality of life for every child with special needs that they encounter. Advocate For Me LLC offers interactive training systems that will prepare individuals and organizations with the awareness and the tools they need to be of maximum service to children with special needs.

Advocate For Me, LLC products and services includes but not limited to the following Online apparel, Consulting, and educational services. For more information about Advocate For Me, LLC

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L'Vonne McMillan


1000 N. 43rd St. Store Front, 19104

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania