Alani’s Garden

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Galaxy Discount


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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Alani’s Garden provide 100% homemade satin crib and bassinet sheets for infants hair. They keep the moisture in the hair thereby preventing the babies hair from drying out. Dry hair equals hair that breaks off.

Also provided are emotional tinctures that are formulated uniquely for each customer these tinctures are made exclusively from flower essences to provide gentle emotional relief from negative feelings that hinder people from living their best lives. Some of those emotions such as depression, fear, anxiety, etc. can stunt happiness and cause hair loss as well as other conditions in the body.

A Hair Analysis can determine if the body has a nutritional, mineral or a heavy metal toxicity. Knowing this can help direct the person how they should eat, sleep or hydrate themselves in order to prevent or stop hair loss.

So, we provide not just a topical method to address hair loss in the way of a shampoo or conditioner. We go deeper.