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We interact with our community by offering targeted programs, mentorships and training
for our troubled youth and broken young adults. These are paired with interviews,
historical analysis, and forums for intervention hosted and attended by prominent and
well respected members of their communities. Our mission is to educate and empower
the underserved youth and young adults to find positive paths to a better future. Thus
evoking long term change in action, outlook and environment to become productive
citizens in our society.

● Improved response of youth and young adults to gang activity and violence,
giving them alternatives to the lifestyle in which prior to our program, was likely
the only option they could see for themselves.
● Improved outlook of the youth and young adult perspective regarding quality of
life, success, and community
● Rapidly advance the opportunities of our youth and young adults by providing
workshops, relevant activities, mentorships, etc.
The intervention methods of All Day I Dream About Success will provide a platform for
youth and young adults to implement logical solutions that will easily integrate with a
wide range of productive life skills and engaging entertainment activities that will open
the door where our young adults begin to trust us. This happens by providing a safe
place for these young adults to begin to openly learn, grow and heal; something that
many do not have at home or in their immediate community. Additionally, this will allow
A.D.I.D.A.S. to assist youth and young adults with fully realizing the benefits of
improved productivity throughout the communities that they and their peers have grown
up in.

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Charles Simms


4724 S Jasmine LN, 91762

Ontario, California


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