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Art and Vine Entertainment LLC is an inter-disciplinary social change production company in Philadelphia, PA. Our mission is to provide representation, opportunities, and safe spaces for marginalized people through art development and social service. We aim to tell artistic stories across multiple mediums that illuminate marginalized experiences and examine  socio-economic, political, and environmental systems while doing the hands on work of uplifting the communities we serve.

AAVE’s season runs from June – May and encompasses a wide variety of events and opportunities. We work with playwrights and screenwriters to develop new, re-imagined, and experimental social action theatre, film, and documentary. We produce art shows, poetry slams, fashion design expositions, podcasts, and more. We produce in the hopes of providing exposure and experience for talented, driven artists for whom the arts have not been accessible. We aim to support, guide, and nurture new and promising marginalized artists across race, gender, sexuality, and class divides.

Tickets to all events are offered on a sliding scale starting at as low as $5 in our effort to limit barriers to entry as we believe art is for everyone!

Art and Vine Entertainment also produces social service events such as Block parties to raise funds to fix the infrastructure of crumbling and underserved communities. AAVE has large service projects in its plans as well that will create a plethora of jobs, support unhoused communities, and bring communities closer together.

At our core, Art and Vine Entertainment LLC is a for-profit artistic service company. We are working to become  a Public Benefit Company (B-CORP) by 2024.