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Business Description

I am Crystal Lee, an AVON Mentor and Advisor and Independent Sales Representative in NC.  AVON’s mission is to celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.  For more than 134 years, AVON has done just that in helping women to achieve their financial goals.  We have an amazing line of products including makeup, skincare, fashion, bath and body, jewelry, and health and wellness products.  Ultimately, our flagship product is the opportunity itself – an unmatched opportunity to help women flourish and grow in business.

My team, #ProminentWomen, is expanding across the Carolinas and the nation. Will you join us? For a limited time, you may join AVON for FREE and start your business immediately.  FREE means exactly that; no inventory is required; AVON will not ask you to upgrade to a paid plan later.  This opportunity will cost you nothing but the time and effort you decide to commit.  You will receive outstanding, ongoing support and training to build your own successful AVON business.

I am passionate about AVON’s mission and I see the financial opportunity available through AVON’s business plan.  My tagline is “I am called to help you win” because I know your financial success not only changes your life but changes the lives of your family, your children, your grandchildren, and others within your sphere of influence to create everlasting impact.