Ayana Leaf Company

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

At Ayana Leaf, we take pride in our ability to offer customers premium CBD products and accessories. Our wide collections of CBD products are all crafted with intention and quality for all of our customers to enjoy and experience a difference. From body care to edibles and pet items, we use natural botanical and adaptogens to assist with pain, anxiety, and mindfulness.

As a black-owned and woman owned company, guiding individuals through their wellness journey has
been a true honor. We recognize that our health, peace, and happiness are the most critical aspects of our lives. Compared to most non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, CBD’s biological properties have been
found to be more potent in relieving obsessive thoughts and physical discomforts. As a way of connecting with mother earth and the ancestors that planted gardens of inner wisdom, Ayana Leaf has continued to expand into the plant based industry to provide various health solutions to undeserved communities. Formulated with honesty, strength, and integrity, we’ve refined our blends to allow an optimal sense of relief with every use.  Join us in our journey towards a better life and more natural choices shop www.ayanaleafcompany.com