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We apply epoxy coatings to residential and commercial structures to floors whether a garage, kitchen, pet store, restaurant, hotel driveway, auto shop, patio, or fitness center. We offer solid colors, metallic coatings, or epoxy with flakes or chips. Additionally, we can grind and polish concrete floors, repair concrete floors, and apply concrete stains. We can install Pli-Dek as well. We can also apply epoxy coatings to create beautiful countertops such as faux marble.


We prefer to use ResinTek 100 percent solids epoxy, but if the customer wants a different product we can also apply the coating of their choosing. First we diamond grind the floor so that the epoxy bonds well to the porous concrete. Then we thoroughly clean and vacuum the dirt and dust. Afterward we epoxy the floor. After drying we apply a uv-protective top coat. The floor coating should last 10-20 years, is easy to clean, and makes your floor finish shine.

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Melinda Howell


125 S. Dobson Rd. # 1059,

Chandler, Arizona


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