Back to Nature, Natural Products/Styles LLC@ Katt’s Korner Hair Salon

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Healthy hair requires the right combinations of vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients. Genetics, diet, physical and mental health also play a part in how your locks are looking. So we take a holistic approach. Start with a high quality product, rich in natural ingredients proven to stimulate hair growth by nourishing and restoring balance. Treat yourself to a scalp massage to increase circulation at the roots of your hair. Our massage uses natural essential oils like rosemary that help stimulate the hair follicles for growth, strength and resilience. And then commit to taking time out regularly to care for your hair: the key to success for healthy hair growth using all-natural ingredients is persistence and consistency. We’re here to give you the tools you need, some hands-on demos and an occasional chance to let someone else do the work of maintaining that mane.

Created with love and designed to promote optimal growth. Thank you for the opportunity to take you and your family, Back to Nature