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Business Description

I work with fused Dichroic glass and incorporate antique and contemporary beaded elements with a whimsical approach one day and serious design style the next day. I live in two places which both inspire me.

My spring summer and half of fall are spent on an island in Maine- Little Deer Isle, doing Farmers Markets. The fall winter and half of spring are spent in Carlos, Texas on a cattle pasture ;and I do one Market – The Local at the Stella Hotel on Tuesday evenings, in College Station, it’s an exquisite location.

I bring Maine to Texas and Texas to Maine… I’m blessed!

I create with a spontaneous relationship with my glass like painting or making miniature stained glass. I am always looking for unique ways to manipulate the raw materials I use. It involves color light and design in small increments. I add glass- bone -silver gold -antique -vintage glassblown or casted glass beads  as well as semi precious and precious stone or shells, it’s a dance of shape proportions and elegance.

I love a challenge and love custom work for that one dress! Statements are my speciality but I can make that small precious unique gift for under $20 as well. My favorite customers are very young and they spend $3 dollars for a one of a kind bead that We then put on a cord… it’s such a joy to be able to make someone exactly what they want… it’s a privilege and I’m always honored and delighted to see such joy!