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Business Description

Bluffajo, a holistic family-owned boutique Cosmetic Brand, was started by a single mom with one son by selling raffle tickets. Bluffajo started with four products, and we have grown to 269 products in four Countries: United States, Liberia, Nigeria, and Ghana. We are a female-Liberian-American owned Cosmetic Brand, with focus on clean consumer products. We do not test on animals, we have no fillers, no parabens, no talc, and no dyes. Only high-end raw materials that are rich in premium ingredients are utilized in our products. Bluffajo Cosmetics is passionate about its community and communities around the world.

A Bluffajo makes a conscientious effort to look their very best at all times. A Bluffajo face is flawless and fierce. A Bluffajo is a sensuous, sophisticated, cosmopolitan individual. Bluffajo is the local vernacular in Liberia used to describe one who embraces inward and outward beauty. Although, Bluffajo is a term out of the heart of Liberia, West Africa, the spirit of a Bluffajo transcends all cultures.

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Maisie Dunbar


19706 Vaughlanding dr.,

Germantown, Maryland