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My name is Jennifer, and I am a lifelong practicing witch and spiritual sensitive, from a long line of mediums. I choose not to refer to myself as a ‘medium’ because I have multiple gifts and prefer the term ‘sensitive’ as an umbrella term.

Everything in my shop has been lovingly and thoughtfully crafted to ensure I put as much power into them as possible. My sprays are brewed over two moon cycles and blessed by myself, and are charged with positive, loving energy. They, along with my candles & salts are made with organic essential oils, along with herbs and flowers cultivated in my own garden or by local vendors. Everything added to the my items are individually cleansed with moon energy and charged with loving and healing reiki energy.

For my readings, I connect with my guides, asking them to speak to yours and deliver messages through the aid of the tarot and oracle cards.

Thank you for supporting my small shop. Many blessings to you.