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Business Description

I help global leaders communicate beyond differences, leverage diversity, and find their unique One BIG Message(TM).

Japanese native, New Yorker at heart.
Natsuyo is an award winning speaker, TEDx speaker, 5-time Toastmasters district 46 finalist, World Class Speaking certified coach, strategy consultant, author, competitive ballroom Latin dancer, mother, and cancer survivor, Natsuyo has been delivering powerful speeches in Japanese and English to the diverse audience.

Using a multi-layered approach of cross-cultural communication skills, logical thinking frameworks and storytelling techniques, Natsuyo assists her audience to learn how to get your message not only heard, but acted upon, regardless of culture.

Through Breakthrough Speaking, I provide the following services:

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Corporate Training : Topics include global presentation skills, cross-cultural communication skills, global facilitation skills, global leadership and team communication skills, logical thinking skills
  • Private Coaching : I help business leaders create unforgettable speeches and presentations
  • Self-guided E-learning program, “The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business”
  • Webinar
  • BooksIf you are curious about how you can find your One BIG Message(TM) and get your message heard and acted upon, book a discovery call :