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Online Store?

This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Couples are online and they want to meet vendors and see what makes them unique, within their budget. So we created, a site where a business owners can purchase a listing, tell couples about what they offer, post their pricing, and upload a video tour of their services. The video tour is a unique feature that will allow couples to see who they are, what they offer and what sets them apart.  Couples are sending emails and planning their wedding late at night after work and the Online Bridal Show puts vendors’ pricing and information right in front of couples while they are in planning mode.


This means less “no shows” for vendors and a higher booking percentage. It also means that couples can continue to “meet” vendors even in the midst of an unexpected disaster, like the COVID-19 Pandemic we’re experiencing. We are more convinced than ever, after experiencing this sudden crisis, that it is essential for couples and business owners to be able to meet and book online, without the requirement to meet face to face and allows them to do just that.


For couples, the site is FREE and they get a whole dashboard full of wedding planning tools: a checklist builder, budget tool, custom timeline, guest list, and a Wedding Website that they can customize and share with their guests! And we have an APP on Android and IPhone, so couples can plan their wedding on the go.…less time planning, more time doing what you love.