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CamTon Transport LLC has been a non-emergency medical transportation provider in Birmingham, AL since September 2019. We help our community maintain and improve their health by providing safe, reliable and friendly transportation to medical appointments. Primarily, our services are available to people who are 50 years old or older who reside in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.


Shari N. Seawright, CEO realized there was a great need in the local community for transportation to medical appointments. People who lack transportation resources are at higher risk of developing serious health conditions due to not being diagnosed. ALL People need access to healthcare professionals to maintain and improve their health which can lead to healthy lifestyles and longevity of life. Ms. Seawright has identified 6 appointment types that she believes are important to living healthy: Primary Care Appointments, Dental Appointments, Mental Health Services, Chemotherapy Treatment, Dialysis Care, and trips to the pharmacy for prescribed medications.


Additionally, we provide transportation to prenatal appointments for parents who lack transportation resources and to people who need a return ride home from hospital admissions.


Transportation isn’t CamTon Transport’s only way of serving our community. Through our social media we provide weekly health and nutrition information, tips for healthy living and resources for our followers to learn about different health issues. A program called “CamTon in the Community” was launched in January 2021 in which CamTon Transport provides services to the less fortunate in the community. These services include feeding the homeless, providing essential items to local shelters and participating in community clean up activities.





Contact Person

Shari N Seawright


1133 Greymoor Road, 35242

Birmingham, Alabama


Business Hours

Monday 6am-6pm
Tuesday 6am-6pm
Wednesday 6am-6pm
Thursday 6am-6pm
Friday 6am-6pm