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I am Cimone Renee. My passions include holistic wellness and providing alternative healing mechanisms to the American Natives of Color community. I have been in the entrepreneurial sector since 2017 and have over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and correction healthcare. Mental health is one of the most overlooked subjects within the communities of the American Natives of Color. I began servicing the community by offering herbal healing alternatives to individuals looking to include natural remedies in their healing regimen. Reiki healing services we offer became an intricate part of the healing journeys of my clients, however many of my amazing clients were not natives of color in my community.

This led me to further investigate how much we lack understanding of the types of mental health issues that affect our community and the resources and options we are unaware of that are very valuable and necessary considering the historical, and current emotional traumas we face. I still believe that we have a fighting chance as it pertains to teaching one another that if we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong as individuals, collectively, the opportunity for change as a collaborative unit is undeniable. I am very excited to learn with you and gain more personal experience with your organizations many genres of expertise. With love, peace, light, and prosperity to all.

Cimone Renee,

CEO, Cimonieluvstea L.L.C

Owner, Cimone’s Herbal Apothecary