Cocoa Chili Restaurant & Catering

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Cocoa Chili is an educational foodie experience serving up Afro-Caribbean-Soul fanfare with a sweet and spicy flair like our authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken and signature Cocoa Chili. We are driven by a social mission to expose our community to unique, sustainably sourced, educational foodie experiences that expand awareness and access to opportunities.

Our vision is to diminish the effects of exclusion by using delicious food as the catalyst to spark learning, encourage conversation, ignite creativity, and evoke innovation.

We know that people come together through the universal language of food. Food can be a provocative storyteller incorporating all the senses. We also know that storytelling is one of the most effective tools for adult learners since it easily resonates with every learning style be it auditory, visual, or kinesthetic.

We invite patrons to enjoy new experiences by tantalizing their senses and delivering high quality, tasty, and well-presented meals while simultaneously educating them around a variety of personal and professional development topics such as wellness, entrepreneurship, job readiness, and personal finance. Our Empowerment Events are disrupting the food and social service industries by providing the space for community members to eat, network, access resources, and learn invaluable tools they can immediately implement to improve their lives.