College Preparatory and ESL Professional Tutoring Services

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Collegiate Classroom Intervention

The K-12 Education system differs from the Higher Education system, and it does not get prospective college students ready for a smooth transition into the college classroom. 30% of college freshmen drop out after their first year of college. Out of 70% of students who attend university, less than 2/3 graduate with a degree. This devastation is due largely to the limited to no services available to prepare prospective college students for the rigor, self-learning ability, and discipline required to succeed in the classroom. This service will get learners acclimated to the Higher Education system and ready to excel in the college classroom to maximize degree completion.

Online English for Academic Purposes

English Language Learners are prepared to excel in education using ESL methodology and strategies. Students learn how to write linearly, develop their academic voice, gain command of academic vocabulary and grammar, implement educational integrity, practice using professional sources and databases, follow lectures for effective note-taking, and understand intercultural communication patterns. This service is great for ESL students who want to attend university or are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Industry Specific English

This service is for professionals who need ESL support that is specific to their occupational industry. Whether you are a professional who needs personalized, 1-on-1 English lessons to get promoted or a practitioner who needs quick or extended ESL lessons for projects and communication with stakeholders, you will expand occupational vocabulary, learn phrases commonly used in your industry, and improve your ability to communicate effectively in your career field

Online English for English Language Learners

Develop and improve your skills in the following English foundations: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary. Explore American cultures and subcultures through communication factors, such as: high/low context, power distance, and directness/indirectness. Learn to communicate confidently in English. This service is great for ESL students who live or work in the United States, plan to vacation in the United States, or want to learn English for communicative purposes.

Writing Services

Services include but are not limited to ghostwriting, content writing, resume composition, cover letter composition, and grant writing. Contact Professor Morman directly for your specific writing project needs.