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Design Hive was founded by two working teachers with a combined 25+ years of experience in science and technology education. The company provides STEAM-based in studio and virtual classes, workshops, camps, parties, and events for children and adults. Design Hive produces hands-on educational kits and community resources via Youtube and a blog, and provides support for schools with on-site and virtual STEAM classes, as well as curriculum and professional development.

Founders Lauren Arshad and Jen Cefaly are masters level K-12 STEAM teachers who met in 2009 while teaching at an L.A. Independent school. As experts in their field, they have collaborated on a number of educational development projects at museums and non-profit organizations, as well as public and Independent schools. Jen and Lauren have also successfully leveraged their expertise to fundraise over $1M for various STEAM initiatives.

Design Hive addresses a lack of creative STEAM opportunities for kids, as well as a lack of opportunity for adults to engage in enriching experiences in process art and emerging technologies. Parents seeking enrichment for their kids will find art studios or coding labs, but there isn’t a place that offers opportunities for the whole family to explore and learn at the intersection of art and technology.