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Business Description

During COVID-19, we continue to provide on-demand marketing services to our clients. Sign up for our interactive marketing webinars here to help your small business thrive. Our services include virtual proposal development, creative content, and strategic communications.

We have new protocols and procedures to further strengthen our virtual presence and be more resilient and agile. Read more on Medium.

Our newest e-book can help your business thrive: Marketing for Challenging Times – Your Toolbox for Success now on Amazon Kindle.

Our firm has been providing marketing services–including proposal and report writing, editing, and graphic design–for more than 20 years. We can help your business improve its marketing strategy and better align with customer interests.

We believe in the power of communication to help people in developing countries and the USA to achieve their goals in education, health, nutrition, livelihoods, and more!

Our proposal teams cover everything from marketing, capture management, proposal writing and integration, color team reviews, and submission, to lessons learned. Beyond writing and editing blogs, case studies, presentations, proposals, and reports, we also offer specialized services. Ask us about adaptive leadership, communication strategies, gender integration, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning

We are here to help you and your business succeed!