Divi9 Designs

Year Founded


Galaxy Discount


Online Store?

This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Divi9 Designs isn’t just a apparel line, but a brand that provides socially conscious Afrocentric Urban Apparel that inspires, uplifts and empowers today’s Kings  & Queens through Art & Fashion. We are an inspirational empowering brand that allows you to wear your designs unapologetically. We design  and print each piece of apparel in-house; we give our customers the flexibility to select a standard designs with various shirt style options or you can request your own custom designs through email. Dedicated  to providing an excellent customer service experience by pouring into our community each inspirational message at a time.

Contact Person

Vernina Tomoney


3328 Lock Erne Ave,

Kannapolis, North Carolina


Business Hours

Monday 12am-12am
Tuesday 12am-12am
Wednesday 12am-12am
Thursday 12am-12am