Divine Lotus Property Solutions LLC

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Before establishing her own business, Yvette worked with her family on their botanical vegan/organic farm and cafe.


She was inspired to establish Divine Lotus Property Solutions as a tribute to her late grandfather and his legacy.

Her grandfather was an engineer in the military who brought his skills home to pave streets and lay pipes to connect many homes to the city water and septic. As he built communities for those in need he provided jobs, teaching them a valuable trade that could be used with any engineering company.


Continuing his legacy, she founded Divine Lotus Property Solutions LLC, with the vision of helping people with distressed properties find a dignified way out of a stressful situation.


Providing them a way to avoid foreclosure, which would leave them with a bad credit score, thus hindering their ability to get an apt, a home, a car etc.


Also, solutions for probate properties, divorcees, vacant properties and distressed landlords.

Contact Person

Yvette Smith


4049 S Orange Blossom Trail #1118 Holden Heights FL 32839

Orlando, Florida