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I started working my delivery/courier business in 2014 working with Amazon’s pilot project called Flex which became one of the biggest and successful delivery services in the country. Once Amazon worked out all the kinks they moved the project onto their own facilities.  I moved on to join another company which allowed me to learn other parts of the logistics business and which I delivered for a Surgeon who patented his own surgery tools. The Doctor would fly to Maryland, Connecticut, and New York for surgeries and I would drive his surgical tools to him. The Doctor with all his success was promoted to a non-travel position. I then started working for an eCommerce business picking up their returns from the UPS warehouse in New Jersey and returning it back to the main warehouse in Reading Pa. 


In March the country shut down and my elder parents needed me back in Michigan. I returned home and was able to pick up a route in which I am working myself delivering eCommerce packages to 14 Post Offices. 


I would love the opportunity to be able to pick up some more routes with local hospitals, labs, libraries, post offices, banks, etc where I can hire local community folk who live, shop, and volunteer. 

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Lisa Cromartie


9025 Brickersville Dr,

West Olive, Michigan


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