Drasmin DreamWorks

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Online Store?

This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Drasmin DreamWorks (DD) is a higher education eco-centric foundation devoted to bridging science and spirit.

Built on the PIE principles of Peace, Integrity, and Equality,  DD is a conscious practice in service to all beings through embodiment and empowerment, and currently has 3 branches.

AHO – A  reformed ecocentric and all inclusive education platform offering remote and in person offerings, as well as classes and tools to assist in the awakening, harmonizing, and optimizing of one’s presence, purpose, and passion in the human experience: https://www.awakenholyoneness.com/

OM – an art gallery currently featuring the creative mastermind of founder  Drasmin

MU – Dedicated to the writing and energy work of founder Drasmin https://drasmindreamworks.wixsite.com/addlaw

Drasmin DreamWorks Mission:
Anchor change with unconditional healthy love
Bridge authentic optimized function and prosperity
Create pathways that encourage intelligent evolution

Drasmin offers remote and limited in person (Eugene, OR.) tarot readings, quantum healing sessions, and shamanic song journeys.


Thank you for BEing, and for choosing to BE here.

United we Awaken Holy Oneness, AHO!