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Dyamond J. Construction LLC is a Minority and Women Owned General Contractor that specializes in drywall, demolition, painting, and fencing. Based in Brooklyn, NY, and operating across the tri-state area, the company is owned and operated by Sharon Cooper who brings nearly 20 years experience in construction and business management. Dyamond J Construction LLC offers a wide variety of services in demolition, renovation, and carpentry, and works with clients to tailor projects to their individual needs. Though each project is unique, some examples of our services include demolition, renovation, painting, installation of fences and drywall, and snow and rubbish removal. Dyamond J. Construction LLC has a track record of successfully completed projects with individual clients, New York City School Construction Authority and other New York City government entities, as well as privately owned businesses. 

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Sharon Cooper


383 Hancock St, Brooklyn, NY 11216


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