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Business Description

At EducateNurtureBuild LLC we teach clients how to “Encourage The Development of Your Body and Lifestyle.” Along with our motto where we #Encourage Everyone, Everything, and Everywhere to utilize both sides of our fitness and wellness program by building fundamentals in our 3 Tier Program “EducateNurtureBuild.” Not only by showcasing all three in fitness classes as Educate -Body Evaluation, Nurture – Nutritional Health, and Build – Physical Education .. we also share it through wellness training as well by Educate – Mental Training, Nurture – Emotional Training, and Build – Physical Training. All three tier programs have their own backgrounds to help #EncourageU! That’s how TeamENB  wants to help put the “U” in Encourage. #ENCOURAGEU

TEAMENB is unveiling a new part of the EducateNurtureBuild 3 Tier Program … Introducing “Welcome To The Experience” where we show how

We put the “U” in Encourage through our #DailyIntake Schedule! Along with that we are asking our clients to subscribe to our “Brother Wisdom” and “Lady of Light” Ambassador Programs starting March 2021! For the time being we are holding SIGN-UPS on all of our platforms for FREE along with our B.C.A (Body Count Agenda) + CourageTee + CourageStarter Package Giveaways that come along with your new journey with the ambassador program.

So whether you join us physically or virtually you’ll have all the necessary gear that will help you #Encourage TEAMENB.

“Welcome To The Experience” will be done with COVID safety protocols under the EducateNurtureBuild LLC company’s mission statement. We want to instill encouragement for everyone , by doing everything , everywhere and the only way is by the help of you and your community. Throughout this past year we all took a toll and now have to rally back to recover from the damages that COVID has and still is leaving behind. Not only that, but to also try and recover from a socially unjust year where a lot of truths came out not only from outside, but from within as well. We seek approval from all the wrong sides and never from the side we see ourselves standing on, the “Brother Wisdom” and “Lady Of Light” Ambassador Programs are meant to provide a guide to help those who have fallen and can’t recover and to give a new perspective to what it means to EncourageAll. Not everyone will stay the same and not everything is meant to change. So if we all take a stand to make a change and not stand for the same mistakes then we all can come together from everywhere and stand the same.

Encourage everyone by helping educate.

Encourage everything by helping nurture.

Encourage everywhere by helping build.