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Engaged Minds Academy (EMA) is a virtual tutoring company that specializes in math and science for a wide variety of ages from second graders to adult learners. Over the past two years of being in business, the team at EMA has evolved from one-person tutoring students to a team of five within their specialties. The core philosophy of Engaged Minds Academy revolves around a growth mindset. We work to ensure tutors are able to get to the root of the confusion for each student in order to change their fundamental view of the subject or topic. This confusion has a direct correlation with a student’s confidence. If we can increase their confidence in the subject or topic at hand it will be reflected in their grades. We want to enhance each student’s skill set to enable them to develop into better students overall.  We focus on determining the best methodology for each student instead of treating each student the same.


Engaged Minds Academy (EMA) was started in a unique manner. In the beginning, most of the students were a part of the homeschooling community. Homeschooling parents would come to EMA to ensure their students understood math and science in a way that allowed them to grasp concepts instead of memorization to pass exams. The owner even had the opportunity to teach a homeschool co-op which was composed of strictly activities and projects for students who “didn’t like” math or science. The tutors at EMA use various methods to aid students in their comprehension of the material.


The team at EMA works with students from the second grade with the basics, as well as, organic chemistry for college students or students struggling with advanced calculus. Our skilled tutors focus on meeting the students where they are in an effort to get them where they want or need to be. EMA even offers SAT/ACT diagnostic exams to determine which test a student will score higher on. There is a detailed learning style assessment curated by a university researcher which suggests the best study environment for each student.