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Robin Denise is an erotic empowerment coaching brand for women and couples seeking ‘sex’pertise. Through theory, science, movement, support and love Robin guides many clients on their sensual and sexual health journey. Robin Denise, MPH, uses her expertise to provide a uniquely curated experience to fit the clients emotional and sexual health needs. She is a sex and life coaching, sex doula, conscious erotic touch practitioner, and sensual yoga trapeze instructor.

Robin Denise offers the following services:

Pleasure Coaching– Create a new relationship with your sex life and your body. Increase your orgasmic power and learn what turns you on.

Pleasure Power Retreats– International luxury retreats in which you’ll gain tools to enhance your orgasmic power.

Sensual Yoga Trapeze– Connect to your divine feminine in this class were we focus on movement that feels sexy and body affirming…plus get a good stretch in the process.

Workshops and Events– Robin puts on multiple workshops and events throughout the year, from full moon manifestation ceremonies to divine feminine workshops.

Guest Speaker- if you are interested in working with Robin or having her conduct a pleasure or sensual trapeze workshop you can email her at