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My company is a professional automobile detailing business that has a brick and mortar and also offer onsite services also.  We provide a specialized cleaning service to customers’ vehicles which consists of deep cleaning the interior and exterior.

The problem we are solving is eliminating bacteria and germs from the vehicle

Our products consist of disinfecting each vehicle before we start the deep cleaning process.  Once the deep cleaning starts, every inch of the interior is touched and deep cleaned.

We are qualified to pull this off because we have been in business since 2013 and it has been years of trial and error with learning which products work and which products does not work.  We also offer organic products upon the customers’ request.

We have formed many partnerships within the last nine years that we are proud of:

The biggest dealership in Bismarck/Mandan area – Bismarck Motor Company, Kupper Chevrolet, Kramer Subaru, Auto Finance, Knife River, Silicone Plains are just to name a few.