Exstasy Creations

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Exstasy Creations is “Your One Stop Shop for Bath, Body and Home”

We make a variety of Candles, Soap, Bath and Body Items, as well as items for home decor and fragrance.

Exstasy Creations is the brainchild of a Momtrepreneur Cancer Survivor who wanted to provide a more natural product for herself and her family. The idea started slowly with the fact that my son had with sensitive skin and I began to wonder how I could help. The Idea becoming a full fledged need arose from one of my chemotherapy side effects. I could not stand certain smells! I mean it was and sadly still is to some degree absolutely unbearable. I could not use any of the things that I normally did and from that sprung the idea to make my own products that would make me feel amazing and be good for my body. Exstasy Creations came to Fruition because of this.

Every soap made, bath bomb molded and candle poured are handmade by me. I share all the love that I felt when I was a little girl making hand crafted items with my grandmothers. I take all those influences and put them into my creations and I want to share them with everyone. The concoction of Native American, Portuguese, Latino and African American cultures that is me, has really made me feel in tune with Nature and what it means to create for a Purpose. I love what creating things for others can do for your soul and how it makes me feel. I really hope that you will enjoy this lavish indulgence!