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Fantabulous Chef is a family owned company created to make everyone’s taste buds happy. For the past 6 years we have offered catering services to surrounding hospitals and various doctors offices around the state and 3 years ago opened a food truck in order to bring our kosher menu to the city. Our restaurant opened this past January and have definitely saw better days since the pandemic hit.

  1. Our chefs are some of the areas most requested as our catering menu offers international cuisine along with our local Southern roots. Our food truck boasts the best street food dishes this side of the water offering large portioned meals with big flavor as some of our menu includes meat and vegetable options such as beef philly, vegetable philly, grilled and fried fish and the list goes on. Book us for your next catering, food truck event, or restaurant experience.

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Kelly Langley


4810 Millers Ln, 23231

Richmond, Virginia


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