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I’m a 26-year-old CEO of Fashion Goddess L.L.C. I started my business because I wanted every woman to know that she is a Goddess. I created the slogan Embrace The Goddess Within because I feel that everyone should love themselves. I didn’t come from much. At the age of 6, I was molested by a family member and others after that. I was abused and etc. I only had God to protect me I had to teach myself self love. Everything I own I worked hard for. I don’t have people that I can count on. My brand is to empower other women like myself who don’t have a voice. I have Lashes, Lipgloss, Clothes, and etc. My brand is to let every woman know that it is okay to embrace your flaws and all. No one is perfect but god makes no mistakes. Everything I went through made me stronger. I am Powerful, I am a Goddess, I want every woman tto feel this way. A Goddess should slay them with her beauty.  My business is currently under construction. I’m in the process of getting my website and etc. My goal is to have my own physical store.

Sincerely, Tashaelania Walker

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Tashaelania Walker


4830 Pelican Bay Dr Memphis TN 38125

Memphis, Tennessee


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