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“YOUR Signature Weight Loss Strategy” is a coaching program to help women regain their zest for life by equipping them with proper mindset, nutrition, and fitness tools so they become the experts in their own signature weight-loss strategy. I want them to have contentment, capability and confident well before when I did at the half-century mark.

I have a down-to-earth, empathetic approach to making weight-loss concepts simple. I utilize my 10+ years in the fitness and wellness industry with numerous certifications, my associate’s degree in Kinesiology, and over 40+ years experience of being weighed down with the emotional baggage of inferiority, doubt, and self-hate.

I work with women who are:
– Sick and tired of expert advice that doesn’t work for them
– Sick and tired of giving up on themselves
– Sick and tired of feeling like life is passing them by
– Sick and tired of overachieving in other areas but still not feeling accomplished
– Sick and tired of being on the spiral-down diet whirlpool
– Sick and tired of all the “noise” in the health and wellness industry
– Sick and tired of making excuses for themselves
– Dedicated and committed to putting in the effort to succeed
– Willing to take ownership of their situation and strategy
– Willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

When you partner with me you get a down-to-earth, empathetic coach with a blend of knowledge, education, and experience that is as unique as you are.

Initiating the process is entirely risk-free; contact me and let’s have a conversation. We’ll spend an hour chatting about you; what you’ve tried, what’s (not) worked, and what you are looking to accomplish. We’ll also talk a little bit more about my approach and what you can expect. If we both feel comfortable that we can work together and achieve results, we can talk about the next step. If not, there is no cost to chat and no hard feelings.

Are you ready to become the expert in your own Signature Weight-Loss Strategy? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to reach out to me to start the conversation.

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In addition, I offer a monthly VoD subscription to yoga classes. Over 35 beginner/intermediate, hatha/vinyasa and yin classes available with more being added each month.

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