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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Credit Analysis

1. Deep Dive Review of your Credit/ Improvement Goals
2. Pull Credit Monitoring 3 B Credit breakdown of your Credit Profile of where you stand today.
3 Review Key Factors Regarding your Credit Profile
4. Review your own personalized Plan of Action to Meet your Goal


Credit Analyzer

Quick Snap Shot of All Errors on Credit File
*Usually purchased with DIY Repair Kit eBook*
Equips people with elements to enable factual disputing based on what is reporting on their credit file.


DIY Credit Restoration eBook-Only

A basic guide that will provide an outline of where to start when it comes to credit restoration. Also educational tactics are shared with the average credit consumer that have no credit or fair/poor credit.

Following the credit restoration with strategies that can be followed for about six months to a year depends on your credit score status. (Please consider purchasing the DIY KIT that includes the Credit Analyzer- a report that highlights your inaccuracies)


DIY Credit Restoration eBook&Credit Analyzer KIT

KIT that gives you a guideline on how to attack your credit restoration journey the right way according to your consumer credit rights.

DIY Credit Restoration KIT Combined with the Credit Analyzer (1 on 1 30 min consult) – a report that highlights all inconsistencies and inaccuracies to assist with factual disputing methodology (DIY E-Book $9.99 & Credit Analyzer $25)


How Credit Restoration Works (consultation)

Address Questions concerning “myths” of why credit restoration does not work. Understand your goals of why you are inquiring about credit restoration.


Resume Review/Builder Services

Must have current resume file formatted in Word/PDF (cover letter included)

*Please Include applicable work history pertaining to specific chosen industry; if references needed (complete first and last names, phone, & email is preferred)


Touch Base Consult 1 on 1

This is normally a follow up call to an already established client that wants one on one time to discuss next strategy session for next dispute round.

Contact Person

Tabitha Lewis


6834 Cantrell Road #2017,

Little Rock, Arkansas


Business Hours

Monday 6pm-11pm
Tuesday 6pm-11pm
Wednesday 6pm-22:30
Thursday 6pm-22:30
Friday 6pm-22:30
Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 10am-8pm