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Fresh Beginnings Safe House is a refuge for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. We offer a variety of supportive programming to facilitate healing and recovery, including comprehensive therapeutic services to assist survivors in overcoming obstacles and building fulfilling new futures. We strive to help restore dignity, purpose and self-worth in every individual we reach.

We offer victim centered and trauma informed programming that includes services to meet basic needs, access to resources, therapeutic services, and safety to human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation survivors. We offer a holistic approach in assisting survivors to overcome the unique struggles they face during each step of their healing process.

We hope that each participant at Fresh Beginnings Safe House will be positively impacted by the services offered and the actions taken. Each participant will take an active role in their recovery, determining their own short-term and long-term futures. Program participants will have strong advocates to reassure them that they are not alone in their healing journey. Every part of our program will be executed with excellence with the highest priority being the integral success and well-being of participants.

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Sara White


2531 Albemarle Circle, 63125

St. Louis, Missouri


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