GGirls Closet LLC

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

I am a native of Colorado. I have grown up always loving fashion, and the ability to recycle the old and bring it to new. I started GGirls Closet back in 2013, A boutique storefront off-Broadway in Denver, Colorado, with my mother. I was 25 years young. Since 2014 GGirls has been selling gently used and new clothing items to customers all around the world on E-bay and here. We have everything from Men’s, Women’s, Kids, clothing, and accessories. We stand behind our products, We also offer consignment services to our customer’s, if your local to Denver/Metro Area. Set up an appointment today and let’s take those clothes off your hands. If your also a local brand clothing artist and looking to sell some of your feature items contact us, so we can Collab Our Collections! I am a proud mother, loving daughter, fierce friend, and always an evolving innovating business owner. GGirls Closet is only getting started, the best is yet to come, and very humbled by the support over the years! We pay cash for your clothes, need to downsize the closet, book today on any of our platforms!