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Business Description

Gila Aliza is a luxury E-Boutique that sells handbags and accessories.

We started out in 2016 as a response to a question off a job application, “If you were a product, what would you be?” A question Gila took seriously because she wanted to show exactly who she is on paper. She thought long and hard, she thought, what’s one product I have so much of? What’s one product no one thinks to use? Because to her, she viewed herself as different. “A handbag, it’s the most timeless, classic yet fashionable dependable product. A handbag holds everything you need, want and hold things you forgot you placed in it (often times,”

In 2017, we grew into just a thought and a dream. Gila saw on a T-shirt on her way to work saying, “Don’t stop day dreaming.” She wondered, what was her dream? To own a business, to create generational wealth like the neighbors she saw growing up in Bedstuy. Her hometown, the place she spent most of her childhood, Bedstuy Brooklyn. It was, in her eyes, the epitome of Black excellence. Walking through the neighborhood and seeing all the Mom & Pop shops, new and old, it gave her hope, a rush that anything was possible. To walk in those shops and be greeted by your name or hear such amazing stories from the owners, that connection – so personal. “That’s what I see in Gila Aliza.” – Gila, CEO.

Three years later, Gila Aliza was birthed, creating a sassy little something to call yours. A reliable friend, a personal hype-man, a fashionable partner in crime. Your bag or accessory at Gila Aliza will not wear you, you wear it, it is just a compliment to all of what makes you.