Golden One Designs LLC

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

I’m an Afro Boricua creative alchemist, fine artist, and holistic healer that empowers others to share their Truths and live life authentically [and unapologetically]. I am inspired by my 5+ years as a licensed master social worker and psychotherapist — intersecting my passions for mental health awareness and post traumatic growth with creative expression and the arts. The incorporation of spiritual elements in my work is an ode to my Ancestors – the decolonized, indigenous, and protective dead watching over me fiercely and encouraging me with each stroke of the brush or pen. My distinctive, intentional use of geometric psychology and theme of “masks” throughout my pieces is a symbol of the innate Freeness that moves with me, and within all of Us, if only we allowed ourselves to let it loose and embody our Highest or most Authentic Selves.  As marginalized folk, we’re told to suppress and be ashamed of so many aspects of ourselves — compromising our integrity to conform to a larger society that doesn’t care about our wellness. I want to remind people that they are their Ancestors’ wildest dreams — and they are worthy, loved and more than enough: as they are, right in this moment. Your stories deserve to be heard. You deserve to be seen. You’re allowed to take up space.