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At Good Hope Tutoring Services, we believe that every child has the ability to learn. Our innovative approach to education accounts for many different learning styles. We empower students by using multiple intelligence principles in our instruction methods. This allows us to differentiate instruction for each student. Good Hope Tutoring also embraces interactive learning settings (cooperative learning) that encourage students to work together to achieve higher learning.

One of our goals at Good Hope Tutoring Services is to give children the life skills they need to thrive in today’s society. We do this by using real-world applications to teach children the fundamental concepts of reading and math. Additionally, we help students develop effective organizational skills and study habits.

The curriculum and materials that we use are easy for students to understand. This reduces the frustration and boredom that many children experience during the learning process. Our philosophy is that learning should be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for the student. When children enjoy learning, they are eager to work towards their full potential. And when a student realizes their full potential, they can better adapt to today’s tough economic and social climate.

Contact Person

Orisha M. Brown


18500 Shanna Drive,

Accokeek, Maryland


Business Hours

Monday 10am-10pm
Tuesday 10am-10pm
Wednesday 10am-10pm
Thursday 10am-10pm
Friday 10am-10pm
Saturday 12pm-6pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm