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Growing Vibrations Magazine is a fun platform for adults to let their hair down and enjoy real conversations. A place where we can be our authentic selves instead of being perfect. Inside of the issues created thus far are entrepreneurs advertising their brands, recipes for cannabis-infused (and non-cannabis) foods and beverages, fashion, photography, and art. There’s also talks about the Law of Attraction and the metaphysical part of life. In the back of every issue, there’s a section called the Pearl Clutcher. It’s for women/couples who are looking for more passion in their sex lives and would like to learn more about their bodies and sexual desires. GV Magazine is a place for folks to ask questions and discuss topics that the average person may shy away from. It’s for open-minded thinkers who need an outlet to go deeper on topics that many stay on the surface of.

GV Magazine is for individuals who’re considered the loners, misfits, weirdos, free spirits, bohemians and non-conformists of the world. It’s for the entrepreneurs who’re discriminated against because of their tattoos, piercings, and neon hair colors, and bold fashion.

Lastly, my magazine was a way to not only display my photography work but to also give others a chance to show their own work as well. As a veteran, I understand the many stressors of the world. Stressors like PTSD, depression, lack of self-love and confidence, and feelings of not being heard. Now that I have found my voice and I’m mentally stronger. I want to help others overcome their obstacles. My goal is to grow my brand big enough to give individuals the opportunities that I’m looking for right now!