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Business Description

I create an environment for healing for my clients through massage therapy and life coaching. I love what I do and enjoy seeing the transformation that takes place after a session. Sometimes people just need a place where they can be themselves without judgement and that is what I provide. Massage is so much more than just rubbing muscles; it encompasses all levels of a person. Clients talk about their day, decisions they have to make, emotional things, they shed tears, talk about there faith, among other things during a session. Although, I cannot diagnose them, I can offer a listening ear and words of encouragement which being a life coach allows me to do. I have clients that are just wanting to relieve daily stress as well as clients with medical conditions like cancer. Being a Massage Therapist and Life Coach allows me to live out my passions and dreams of being in the medical field and art. And yes massage therapy and life coaching is an art form, no two sessions are the same. My best take away is seeing the expression of relief on a clients face and watching their progress.