Herbal Awakening

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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Herbal Awakening creates personal care products with a Labyrinth of Natural Ingredients. We strive to Awaken the masses to the benefits of herbs as an essential element in overall wellness. Our brand is a healthy alternative to harsh chemical-based products.

Our Passion for creating the Healthiest personal care products for Our family has driven us since the beginning. Some of the herbs we use come from our own garden, so rest assured there are no pesticides or other harsh chemicals used in the process. We know that Nature provides all we need for an Herbal Awakening! Our family (from the Elders to the babies) has suffered with Sensitive skin, Dry skin, Eczema, and Psoriasis for many years. We’ve finally discovered formulas of natural ingredients to rid us of these skin conditions and are Extremely Proud to share them with you and your family!