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Mission: Hidddden No More, a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency seeks to identify, address, and treat Intimate Partner Violence amongst Aging Couples by increasing and improving screening with healthcare providers and social services agents.  We strive to promote the inclusion of our aging community to ensure they are able to live their lives without fear, abuse, and violence.  We seek to transform the healthcare community by engaging diverse voices, promoting self-determination, and a right to be free from abuse so that aging couples are hidden no more. 

Vision Statement/Company Core Values:  Hidddden No More is “Dedicated” to eliminate IPV amongst Aging Couples by providing a “Dynamic” team of degreed, trained, and clinically sound therapists to help you achieve a violent free lifestyle who is “Devoted” to facilitate quality intervention services to address IPV in the home.  Hidddden No More is “Determined” to ensure safety in our community for the elderly.