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LaShonda L Williams, a native of Anchorage Alaska, graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from the School of Dance, at Arizona State University (ASU). With her multi-talented career beginning in 1983, she has dedicated her focus towards being a contributor to interdisciplinary collaborations. Through open dialogues and mutual exchange, she consistently organizes and directs new explorations, providing support to help realize projects for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as for other arts professionals. Her commitment and excitement for both education and the performing arts has matured into various national and international ventures. Ms. Williams’ individual and collaborative performances have appeared in Alaska, Washington, Montana, Ohio, Arizona, and Fortaleza Brazil.

Hoj Poj Movement Company LLC (HPMC) began in 2008 as a solo entrepreneurial venture, where LaShonda’s had different local opportunities to showcase her choreography. In 2009, she had a debut performance of HPMC in her titled production “multoMONOvistic”, for the ASU MFA Concert – Emerging Artist I. This started her concept of creating a cohesion between artists, nationally and internationally, merging the talents of musicians, singers, poets, and dancers into 30-minute experience. Although she understands that there is a camera for documentation purposes. LaShonda creates to present an experience – to feel and hear – make it as tangible as one can when they attend a Hoj Poj Movement Company LLC Production. Thus, the company continues in its mission to present experiences for all to enjoy.

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LaShonda L Williams

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