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This company operates primarily through their online store. Visit their website for more information.


Business Description

Hydrologik is bringing awareness and a solution to the monumental issues of: poor quality of drinking water in the market, the plastic plague that we are living in, the environmental and huge health concerns that these problems cause to all living creatures, our oceans, and our planet. We provide pure water, free of contaminants with no plastic waste. Hydrologik offers our unique business model through franchising opportunities in: Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Condominiums, RV parks, etc… Our franchisees can make fresh water on premise everyday and then sell it to their guests in waste-free glass and /or stainless steel containers (provided by us). We also have residential, commercial, and industrial units available for those interested in having one of our distillers at home, office, or schools, for the benefit of their entire family, co-workers, clients or students. Get the peace of mind that you deserve. Knowing that you and your love ones are drinking the purest water in the planet. Good for the people, good for the ocean, and good for the planet.