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Non-Profit and For-Profit start-ups looking to conceptualize on paper or
complete a funding initiative can find a haven at I Love Paperwork
Limited Liability Company. Located in the heart of Minneapolis, ILP is
headed by creative-entrepreneur, Angela McDowell. With a diverse
background from creative to business writing to social justice
endeavors, Angela is a multifaceted Arts advocate with an array of
applicable skills to roll out your next big project. This is the place
to start your business, artistic, social justice, or academic venture
that requires the beautifully antagonizing travail of paperwork!

At I Love Paperwork LLC, I love paperwork. More than that, I just happen
to know that you do not and also that you probably hate it. It really is
that simple. I am a writer and you are an imagineer, if you will. You
have a fully-fleshed out concept but are not sure where or how to start
the process of getting it funded or you are at the stage where you need
to get your ideas on paper. I get it, that’s why you’re here and that’s
why I started this company. Contact me and let’s get started in a way
you can’t be stopped!