Id-Deen Mobile Automotive LLC

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Business Description

Mobile Auto repair services that is based out in Akron, Ohio providing mobile auto repairs for the surrounding communities with in a 50 mile radius in need of service or to underserved communities who may be at or below poverty standards and couldn’t otherwise afford to go to a shop and or have their vehicle towed to a shop.

I provide a number of general automotive repair services as well as a comprehensive inspection that include but not limited to

  • Brake work
  • chassis work
  • battery repairs
  • emergency services
  • basic engine repair
  • oil change/ trans flush
  • radiator¬† repair
  • tire changes
  • computer readings
  • ¬†and so much more

All you will have to do is call and boo your appointment and make your deposit to lock you date and time and I will be there where ever you want me to. I pull up so You can pull Off !