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JB Luxury Escapes is a full service travel agency we live and breath travel. The brand was first established in 2012, as JB Cruise & Tours born out of a desire to explore & revolutionize cruise for the luxury market. Since, then we have changed the brand to JB Luxury Escapes to reflect the true nature of the Brand.

We offer high-end vacations, some with an adventurous edge, whether that’s a remote safari lodge in Kenya or an expedition cruise in Antarctica. Our in-country partners work or live in the geographical areas, allowing them to know their destinations inside out.
We’re meticulous about detail. We know that it’s often the smallest touches that make the biggest difference, and we’ll stop at nothing to make every trip not only exceptional but totally unique.

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210 Market Street, Yonkers, NY 10710

Yonkers, New York


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